How To Remove Skin Tags

Revitol Skin Tag RemoverSo you survived the snow, the polar vortexes, and every other natural disaster mother nature decided to throw at us this winter. Spring is slowly creeping it’s way into your neck of the woods, and all you can think about is heading to the beaches as soon as summer decides to grace us with its presence. You try on your favorite new bikini (or speedo, gentlemen), take a look in the mirror, and suddenly notice an unsightly little flap of skin protruding from your shoulder.

Do not panic! What you see there is called a skin tag. It’s just a small, extra piece of skin tissue typically found on the arm pits, chest, back, or neck that is not harmful whatsoever. You probably don’t care what it is. You just want to know how to remove skin tags. Well you are in luck! There are a few easy and relatively pain-free ways to remove skin tags which we’ll share with you here.

The simplest way to remove a skin tag is to visit your doctor or dermatologist, and allow the expert to handle it. Doctors have a few methods for removing skin tags, the simplest of which is cutting it off with a scalpel. If the thought of someone cutting into your skin is too much to bare, cryosurgery, or freezing, would be a much better method to select. Using this method, the doctor simply freezes the skin tag, killing it in the process.

See this video that shows the process.

This will cause the tag to shrink until it either shrivels up or simply falls off. If you find yourself with many skin tags (some people who are more prone to them can have 100 or more on their body at a time), electrosurgery could be your preferred method. This is the total opposite of cryosurgery as it involves burning the skin tags off of your body. If you want to avoid a visit to the doctor, you could always cut the skin tag off on your own, but be careful! A poor cut could leave a scar.

While it’s hard to say who will get skin tags and who won’t, those who diet, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight are the least likely to deal with this little nuisance. So stay healthy and you’ll be ready to show off that bikini body in no time!


Revitol Skin Tag Remover

Revitol Skin Tag RemoverThe best home remedy for skin tags is Revitol skin tag remover which is composed of pure natural components that makes it absolutely free from side effects and harmless unlike The traditional skin tag treatments which can be painful expensive and sometimes may result to scarring. Because of its pure natural and safe ingredients, Revitol skin tag remover can be purchased and used without the prescription of a doctor.

The main active ingredient used in Revitol home remedy for skin tags is the thuja occidentalis which is an essential oil obtained from the white cedar tree. This ingredient is rich in vitamin C and it has also been used by the Ojibwa natives for treatment of skin diseases like wart. Apart from thuja occidentalis, the other natural ingredients used in revitol skin tag remover include; sweet almond oil, glycine soja, tee tress oil, Butylated hydroxytoluene and sunflower oil.

The sunflower oil is mainly used to treat skin injuries and poorly healing wounds. It is low in saturated fats and rich in vitamin E. Glycine soja is also rich in vitamin E and its oxidant property enables it to effectively protect the skin from free radicals.

On the other hand, sweet almond oil has a lot of fatty acids which are very important for your skin. It is both a humectants and an emollient simply because it makes the skin soft and prevents the loss of moisture.  Butylated hydroxytoluene is a lipophilic organic compound which is very useful because of its antioxidant properties.

There are several benefits associated with this product. First and foremost, it is painless and easy to use. Revitol skin tag remover is also an all natural product without any chemicals. It is also most effective for all types of skin hence can be used by both men and women irrespective of age. This product not only removes the skin tags but also disinfect the area because of the plant extracts that are used. Revitol skin tag remover is therefore the best home remedy for skin tags.